To inspire action through unique projects designed to help cultivate a widespread movement of systemically based socio-cultural evolution. 


We develop, implement and support initiatives that directly impact our world; we provide honest analyses about steps that need to be taken in order to solve the problems our world faces.  We work with community groups, businesses, and institutions, within emerging formats in order to engage meaningful conversation about sustainability, justice, and ecological integrity. 


We believe action needs to be based on an ethical imperative; that we must embrace a paradigm shift that compels people to do good simply for the sake of doing good. 

We promote comprehensive and integrated actions based on in-depth analyses of localized impacts resulting from globalized socio-economic systems and processes.  Our approach is more nuanced than to “think globally, and act locally.”  Our reality is that, as individuals. we need to begin thinking and acting on multiple local and global levels.  Along the way, each of us must be willing to ask ourselves difficult questions, grapple with uncomfortable truths, and take appropriate action. 

We understand these are not immediately obvious concepts for many people to digest, and that the kind of change we need to see is not going to take place overnight.  The unfortunate truth, however, is that we are simply not doing nearly enough.  While the “sustainability” movement has, in many ways, taken the lead in pushing for systemic change, its narrative has been diluted, blurred, and outright hijacked by a variety of influential individuals, businesses, and institutions that have little interest in solving problems at their root.