Our world today faces a variety of social and environmental problems – problems that are often integrated and frequently complex, but solvable with desire and commitment.

Unfortunately, it appears we don’t understand the full scope of the problems we face, nor the ramifications of failing to take action. Rather than truly addressing the problems we face – more often than not – we continue to perpetuate them. This needs to change.

Education, while important, is not enough – action is the answer.

We must cultivate a movement that compels people that take actions that lead to positive impacts. To do this, we have to find ways that bridge the gaps that separate society so we can work in tandem.

Place value on experience and interpersonal relationships over material goods. And above all, compel people to take individual responsibility by making the personal changes that we need see in order to solve the problems that we all face.

The Facts

The US is the most impacting country on Earth. While most of us want to believe our consumer impacts result in a net positive, the basic facts tell a different story.

The US is 5% of the world’s population, yet consumes 30% of the world’s resources.

Most of what we consume comes from outside the US: in 2010 and 2011, we had a trade deficit totaling more than $1 trillion.

The majority of our imports come from countries that lack the environmental regulations and human rights laws we have fought to achieve for ourselves.

The global system of trade and commerce that we as Americans benefit from – heavily contributes to outcomes in other parts of the world that we have rejected in our own country as unjust and unethical.

We can do better. All countries can do better, and there is no reason the US cannot lead the way.

The Reality

Americans are brought up to believe that the US represents equality, dignity, and a respect for doing what’s right. The reality, however, is that we are not following the ideals that our country was founded upon. Since the end of World War II, we have devolved into a country of disengaged, distracted, and dispassionate consumers fattened by ignorance and apathy.

Again, a bitter pill to swallow…but nonetheless it is the reality of what we have become. It’s time for a change…to get back to being a country of responsibly engaged citizens that support respect for the land and our fellow human beings.

This means taking responsibility as individual citizens: understanding the impacts we have through our lifestyle choices and consumer behavior, shaping our personal ideologies to support what we claim to believe in, and – most importantly – taking actions that reflect these values.

The Choice

This is not about hypocrisy. This is about evolving responsibility, and informed action; deciding who you want to be, what you want to contribute to, and making proactive decisions about the ideals you support. This is an incredibly empowering choice.

The photo below reads:
“El Dorado, the beautiful city of gold only exists in the mind of the conqueror.”

This is a telling observation about the riches we seek, and the midset of such ideals. Do we want to be conquerors of land and humanity, or champions of justice and environmental stewardship?

The choice is ours…more to the point, the choice is yours. You have an impact; do you want it to be positive, or negative?

Read our Ecofficiency Philosophy HERE

Our Mission

To inspire an ethic of responsible lifestyle choices and individual actions that result in positive impacts on society and the environment.

We focus on the demands and actions of individuals…yet only with the goal of contributing to a larger grassroots movement that demonstrates and demands change.

Change that leaves a positive impact.

The images above were all taken from a street mural in Caracas, Venezuela – painted in 1989, prior to Hugo Chávez taking power.

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